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The New Vanilla Video Podcast (or Vidcast or Vodcast or Videocast or Pod-ideo cast)


The late night, post-gig, occasional substance inspired conversations between Lester, myself and our beloved roadie often ended with the proclamation, “That’s some pretty funny shit.”

It was during one of these moments that one of us suggested we should start our own podcast because really...why shouldn’t our stories and wit be shared with the rest of the world?


We discussed our moment of brilliance regularly over the next few years, but as with many ideas, our vision got relegated to the backburner due to the fact that we were gigging steadily, and honestly...who has the time to start producing a podcast right?


Well now since our 2020 season has basically been scrubbed, (meaning it has come to a screeching halt in the middle of an intersection along with millions of other vehicles piled up all around as, after which we realized that we were driving just fine, it was the planet that didn’t put the brake lights on), it seems we DO have the time.


During the past several weeks we have been stocking our gear larder with lights, cameras, (action to come), computer peripherals and several miles of cable, all in the hopes of starting what might be our new career, at least for the foreseeable future.

Since we have never done anything like this before, we understand that in the beginning, this podcast will be an infant which will need constant feeding, attention and most importantly-several hundred diaper changes each week. But all that knowledge never stopped anyone from having kids, and Lester and I are finally ready to birth this child which we first talked about so many years ago. We are in some serious prenatal activity at the moment.


Vanilla Pop has always chosen the road less traveled. More often than not, it’s way more interesting, and serves to make this big, beautiful mysterious life, the adventure which it should be. We are once again, excited at the prospect of developing something creative, something different and hopefully, something worthwhile.


While we don’t want to give too much of the premise away, I can tell you that both Lester and I know that any artistic endeavor needs to be given free range to roam so that it can find its own path towards its success. That’s the magic of it- to let go of the control, and trust that the energy which you put into a project will culminate in its success one way or another. Kids need to fall out of trees, scrape a few elbows, get an ass-kicking in the schoolyard and get lost in the parking lot once in awhile. Art is the same. It needs to stumble and get back up, veer off course and come back home, and piss you off because it didn’t do what you told it to do. (Do I need to call your FATHER!!!???)


So stay tuned to our FBook page as well as our website for updates and info. We begin filming a few test shows this week, and if all goes well, we’ll be live and in full production mode by month’s end. We’ll also be starting a new YouTube channel and will hound you constantly to subscribe. Get ready...

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