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"i wish my band was you."                                 

because you only get married 5 or 6 times

Best New Mexico Wedding Band



Vanilla Pop is out of this world! Guests that I have never seen dance in my life (which includes my parents) were all over the dance floor and in a good way.  I plan to have them at our 5th, 10th, and 50th anniversary party with a fountain of vodka.  You guys are the best!!  Thank you for an amazing time Alan!!


What a huge success Vanilla Pop was with our entire group of guests. I’ve never seen our entire firm stay to dance after dinner and speeches. But from the time dessert was over until closing time, you both had everyone up and dancing. Not only did the Chairman say it was the best party ever...I’ve had dozens of emails and “hallway conversations” with employees who were all equally enthusiastic for the pleasure you brought to everyone at our party.

From my personal standpoint, I couldn’t have been happier with your energy and ability to engage the audience. 

I’ve now become an official Vanilla Tart."


David M- Thornburg Investments, Santa Fe NM

I saw you guys perform for the first time this past weekend at the Hyatt wedding for Elliott and Mariya and absolutely LOVED you guys!!  I didn’t quite know what to expect when the first song came out but pretty much loved every single song you guys played afterward, especially your Billie Jean rendition!  I’ve never seen that many people dancing @ a wedding and seeing young and old folks gettin’ down and basically pouring sweat during the breaks- it was like Woodstock world peace meets the ritz of disco (I’ve told everyone you were the highlight of an AMAZING wedding) - again, great job guys and we’ll definitely be back to NM to see one of your shows again!"


Andy from AZ

Just saw you at Tin Star in Santa Fe this past Friday night -it's been awhile since I have seen something so fabulous, so alive & so creative - Thank you!"

You are both ridiculous, demented, outrageous, brain damaged, possible loony bin escapees, schizoid, neurotic and above all most likely dangerous... I love you guys."


-Noreen S. - booking agent, Honolulu, Hawaii

“…you guys f@&kin' killed it at our wedding in August!  From the opening notes of Johnny Cash, to learning David Bowie's 'Lets Dance' for our first dance, to the closing crescendo of the Cure's 'Just like heaven', Vanilla Pop kept the dance floor filled all night long!!  If we had not exchanged vows earlier in the evening, we would remember your performance as one of the most fun concerts we've been to, rather than as our wedding reception.”

Vanilla Pop took our wedding to the stars. Lucas (a fellow MOT*) said, "best Hora ever"!  And I can only agree. A true life moment that will be indelibly etched in our memories forever.

courtesy Staceyadams photography

Just writing to thank you for the great job you did providing music and entertainment for our 2016 Corporate retreat ! With your help, you made this year one of the most successful and fun-filled we have ever had. You all were professional, responsive and courteous and were a pleasure to work with!

We'd tried to prepare our guests. We even warned them: this is not a normal band- but nobody had any idea what was coming. Ten minutes into dancing, one of our guests from NYC made his way over to me and said, 'where did you find these guys?!' Even now--long after the wedding--a guest said to us, "I wish we'd had more time to dance!" (we danced for 2 1/2 hours.) Time flew--it was that fun.



The NM Restaurant Association hired Vanilla Pop for their annual event, The Hospitality Industry Awards. It was the first year they tried to host an after party post the awards banquet. Vanilla Pop MADE the night with their witty, funny remarks, awesome songs, ability to read the crowd and the one-on-one interaction with people on the dance floor. Vanilla Pop made it a true after party!


Thanks again Alan! We LOVED you guys!

Ashley S

Vanilla Pop makes the party a party! My family and friends still talk about how much fun the band was. They are friendly and professional, and will get the whole crowd dancing from the kids to the grandparents! One of the best parts of the day!


-Fangirl #1

First of all: You're amazing and I love you and you're the best ever. ever. ever.
Congratulations on being outrageously good at what you do.

-B. Kelly

Thank you for a WONDERFUL job on Friday night. Our clients and staff are still raving about how awesome you guys were! It was a blast. So much fun. Thank you for a great job. Many memories from that night.

Thanks again- Susan

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