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because old school rap is awesome

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hip pop

6 months in the making, we here at VP industries have added an additional element to our public shows.

Introducing...VANILLA HIP POP - a set of some of your favorite rap songs from the 90's and beyond.

In addition to being the most sought after corporate event band in New Mexico (and possibly the entire southwest), we can bring live Hip Hop to your event as well.


We've added a full DJ rig and spin live while running out of breath during some of your favorite hits from Snoop, Biggie and the Beastie Boys to name a few.

For public shows, we keep the original explicit language, but please know that if you hire us for your private event, we will make sure to keep the lyrics and the show totally G-RATED.

Want us to do a Vanilla Hip Hop set at your private event? Just let us know. Naturally there is an up-charge, but the best things in life are definitely not free. 

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