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Here are the top 3 reasons you need to hire a band to play live music at your wedding.


Capturing people’s attention and keeping them engaged can be a tough feat. It’s a job that is not for everyone. It requires charisma and finesse that is honed over time. It gets better with experience. Having a seasoned live music band for weddings with killer emcee skills, you are most certainly off to a great start in commanding the room. When the band gets the energy where it needs to be and starts pushing out those good tunes, your guests will be hooked. When you have a good song list that caters to all the guests in the room and a band that is good at reading the crowd, it’s something that a DJ just can’t recreate. 


Once you’ve captured the attention of the wedding guests and engaged them with smart musical choices, crowd interaction is key in keeping the dance floor full. A good live band is essential for this purpose. If they can make the guests feel like they are part of the entertainment, you are setting the proverbial stage for a very memorable party that your guests will be talking about for a while. Find a band that isn’t afraid to boogie on the dance floor with a gaggle of your aunts! A band that will pull some of the youngest guests up on stage to dance with them. This type of audience interaction will break down barriers!


Keeping up the momentum is a hugely important and often underrated element in live entertainment. Energy levels rise and fall, wax and wane —depending on what’s happening at the reception. For example, the couple’s first dance or the father/daughter dance will likely bring the energy down. The vibe will be calm and probably emotional while everyone watches the sweet moments unfold. However, after that dance is over, someone or something has to bring the energy back up. This is where an exceptional wedding band will be your saving grace to get things revved up again. Recapturing the attention, reengaging the audience, and initiating that crowd interaction again will get your guests back to party mode in no time.

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