our vision for

Just like our show, we want to create something different and engaging. 

For our first live VPop streaming show, we have a bunch of new material for you... 

all stripped down to just piano and guitar.

We would like to make this show a bi-monthly production.

We are tossing around a few ideas such as having special guests, viewer questions, topical discussion

and of course some LIVE MUSIC! 
We want to merge the variety show of the late 70’s / early 80’s 
with the live streaming podcast world of today. 

Lester and I are doing what we love- singing and playing for you guys.
And while we definitely don't expect you to shell out any money,

we want to give you the option should you feel so inclined.

The DONATE link will take you to our PayPal page.

No minimum, no maximum and no pressure.

because we may never play live again


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